Grades 5 – 6

Grade 5   This Grade uses the Level 4 Chai Curriculum, focusing on the early prophets. This is a departure from Torah and for many students is the first time they realize that our written tradition extends into a collection of writings known as the TANACH (The Hebrew Bible).
Hebrew instruction continues with concentration in the prayer service, stressing the prayers in the Amidah. The students lead and prepare a D’Var torah for the Friday night service.

Grade 6 This grade uses the Level 5 Chai Curriculum and continues with study of the later prophets. The students are guided through the mid to later writings in the books of Nivi’im. The students explore how the TANACH is set up as a literary work.

The Hebrew portion of the curriculum continues with the Amidah portion of our service and concludes with the Torah Service. The students prepare for a Shabbat morning service and prepare the D’Var torah.

Shirley Ginn – Hebrew – Teacher – Grade 5

Shirley Ginn resides in Bedford N.H. with her husband Jeff and son Landon. Mrs. Ginn has taught 5th and 6th Grade Hebrew and Judaica for more than ten years in our community. She has also taught special education for the past two years in our school. A native of Israel, Mrs. Ginn brings a unique perspective to that unit of study with her students. “One of my greatest pleasures is enriching children’s minds and instilling in them my passion for Jewish learning.”

 Janice Belmont – Teacher