Grades 3 – 4

Grade 3   This Grade is this first one to start using the URJ Chai Curriculum in the Judaic portion of our curriculum. Students explore fundamental Torah stories including Creation, Adam & Eve, Noah, the Stories of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs. A deeper understanding of the Jewish holidays in the natural cycle is covered. Ritual objects used in the home and in the synagogue are discussed. Hebrew instruction is formally started in this grade. Phonetics and the building of sight words are stressed in this very important year. The highlight for the students in this grade is the Siyum HaSefer service which marks the formal completion of the initial Hebrew phonetics and reading. At this service the students are presented with a significant Jewish book, with which to mark this milestone.

Grade 4   This Grade continues the use of the Chai Curriculum in Judaica. They focus on the Avodah portion of the curriculum learning the terms keva (ritual) and kavannah (intent). The students focus on the book of Exodus, including what that led the Israelites to the land of Egypt and their eventual redemption. Students will be exposed to the Holocaust, and will also focus on Yom Ha’Atzmaut. (Israeli Independence Day) Hebrew instruction begins a formal track of prayer instruction. We start to prepare our students to lead the congregation in worship. Blessings and the prayers for the Friday night service are stressed in this year. The students lead the congregation in worship during a Friday night family service and prepare a short D’Var Torah.